The main contents of our manufacturing
operations is the production of hydraulic blocks supplied according to customer drawings. Hydraulic blocks and other components are machined to a weight of 2,500 kg. For logical boring holes (chambers of cartridges valves) are we equipped with drills and reamers associated standardized by manufacturers of hydraulic valves (SUN Hydraulics, Bucher, PARKER, REXROTH, etc.) The complexity of manufacturing hydraulic block for us is not limited!


Deep boring.
For deep boring have we drills with averages from 1.0 mm to 80.0 mm and lengths up to 1000 mm - + Special reduction extensit. For complicated and special boring have we different prepared boring bars and products. Matter of course is boring of any average into depth of 1000 mm including compliance of given dimensions.

Sale of metallurgical material
Because of the nature of our production requires a reserves of specific materials in the production of hydraulic blocks, we also offer to other companies to sell the following materials:
- Square rolled steel, quality 11523 (ST52, S355J2G3, ČSN EN 10025-2) in sizes up to 300 x 500 x 2000 mm
- Square forged steel, quality 11523 (ST52, S355J2G3, ČSN EN 10025-2) in sizes up to 420 x 420 x 2000 mm
- Square forged steel, quality 12050 (C45, 1.0503, ČSN EN 10083-2) in sizes up to 400 x 400 x 1000 mm
- nodular Square rolled cast iron, quality EN-GJS-400 UNIBAR 400-15 (GGG40, Meehanite SF400, ČSN 42 2304, ČSN 42 2438/42) in sizes up to 250 x 300 x 1000 mm
For all materials we supply material certificates 3.1, or also ultrasonic testing. The material we can not just cut to the desired length, but also completely mill and grind with the compliance of perpendicularity and parallelism 0,02 mm and surface Ra 0,8.